Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cut and Paste from Two Cutters into One Desired Shape

I have not written here in ages!
I miss you, my cookie road.

I had been wanting to buy this Wilton ABC and 123 set.
It's for birthday cakes, so that I could put a cookie for the birthday kid  to eat, and so it shall belong to him/her alone. :)
The 50 pieces consist of a set of alphabets in large size, and numbers 0-9 in two sizes, and also "? ! - + $ #" and an arrow sign.

I don't quite like the number "1", therefore a little amendment can be made.
Use the number "7" upper part and an upside down "T" for the lower part.

This is what it will look like.
I baked it inverted, so that I can ice the underneath part of the cookie that is flatter. 

No sign of cookie from aerial view. 

Add details that you like. 
A ribbon is added here to match the ones on the pillow.