Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cookie Decorating Class - Valentine's Day theme

It's Valentine's Day soon. 

These are some royal iced cookies using basic decorating skills that I've created for an upcoming class. I am an advocate for using royal icing (RI) for cookies. They look great and taste great and it involves skills. I'm a sucker for skills too...that is why when I teach, I belief that what I can do, my students can do the same, if not better, but off course not during or immediately after class.  To decorate cookies, all a person need is to have knowledge of the techniques and to have constant application and practice which leads to exciting discoveries of the end result. I stress the 'constant application and practice' part...or should I 'bold' them?  I just did!

I'll be sharing the recipe that I currently use. It gives a sharp edge...just the way I like it. So I can outline with stiff RI right at the edge, so when you look at the cookie from an aerial view, there is no cookie to be seen. This would be useful when I start decorating on chocolate cookies. Imagine eating royal iced chocolate cookies...yum! Something that taste good should look good too...and vice-versa.

The first batch of design. Simple. All flooded, dried and piped with intricate designs. Learn how to pipe a small perfect heart, freehand.

Writings. I like to use cursive or italics. Add on flowers and some pressure piping of leaves.

These are using the technique 'flooding on wet flood' (the polka dot cookie). This technique also creates the feather effect...shown here by the red icing.

These are all basics...before we can move on to more exciting discoveries...and advance level class. There will be future basic classes, but designs will be different and following the current season, celebrations or trends. Halloween designs sounds like fun! But before that, we have Mother's Day, Father's Day, Hari Raya...etc. Unlimited celebrations calls for unlimited cookie decorating and eating. Sweet!

Email me to arrange for your first cookie decorating class.
Private groups are welcomed too.

Monday, 9 January 2012

How to Pressure Pipe a Dragon

Welcome to my new blog...it is all about cookies!

Here is where I streamline posting for all my cookie creations, decorating tutorials and testing of recipes.  Not forgetting sharing some pictures of awesome cookie cutters and some cookie class schedules.

Let's start with pressure piping some fierce looking dragons for Chinese New Year which is just  two weeks away.

 The basics...pipe the outline, flood with light blue, immediately pipe squiggly white lines onto the blue. This represents the sky and clouds. Let them dry for roughly 3 or 4 hours, at least.

Next, pressure pipe the head and a line as a guide to the position of the body. Yes, it does look like what it looks like.

Pipe the body on top of the line...starting from the neck and decrease pressure as it comes towards the end. Add the cheek, ear and horn part to the sides of the head. 

Pipe a line on top of the body, like a spine, ending with the tail.

Add the legs and whiskers.

When dry, brush dusting powder mixed with a little water, highlight the spine, tail, tips of ears and whiskers with gold dust. Paint the eyes black, dragons with slitted eyes looks fierce.

Add the fireball.

A red dragon which sits on 3 pieces of gold chocolate coins. An auspicious gift!
Wishing everyone a 
Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Chinese New Year 2012!